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No Radiation, No Convection, No Conduction Only Induction

We are in the field of manufacturing radio frequency equipment since 1969. We developed the first ever high frequency induction generator (power supply ) using indigenous technology. we now present the latest technology in the field of induction heating using solid-state components such as SCR. IGBT The series resonant inverter technology used for generation hight frequency power supply enables very high efficiency and thus results in power saving for the end user.


Induction heating finds its greatest application in the metals-processing industries. Primary use fall into major categories of heating prior to metalworking, heat treating, welding and metal melting. While these are the most common uses, a variety of other operations such as paint curing adhesive bonding and zone wise heating.


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  • Forging
  • Brazing Various metals
  • Selective annealing, tempering
  • Heardening: selective/progressive
  • Shrink fitting
  • Pack heating for Textile Industry
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